Fun with Circuits

whether your kids are a novice science enthusiast or an experienced scientist, they are sure to learn and enjoy our fun weekly experiments

Scratch Computer Coding

Ensuring Children understand the foundational Computer Programming concepts such as Sequencing, Branching, Looping and Variables. Programm focuses on Animation, Games, Simulation Etc.

Canvas Painting

For those Little Picasso who love to create their own masterpiece every week under the guidance of our expert instructor

Creative Art

Kids will be introduced to art materials such as paint, clay, brushes, paper, stencils and will learn different techniques such as shading, blending, glazing, water consistency and varying size or color.

Creative Math

Enhances your kid's Math skills and make them confident solving Math problems. We practice Using Creative Fun methods which your child will surely love.

Pastel Art

Let your creative juices flow and alleviate your creative dormancy by enrolling in our Pastel Art Program for kids.


Teaching kids the different movements and values, to understanding and strategizing on good trades versus bad trades, to ending the game with a checkmate!

Cartooning Art

Learn Art techniques in a fun and relaxed environment, using a different medium each week. Discover your inner Artist and explore the world of cartooning.

Play As You Learn - Out of the Box Kids

Who we are

We are a STEAM based program with hands-on, interactive classes that help children learn about science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics in a fun, relaxed atmosphere..….


We believe a lot can be done After school and hence we offer a variety of Programs-
Creative Art, Creative Math, Fun with Circuits, Scratch Coding, Canvas Painting, Chess, Fun with Circuits ….

Our Vision

We bring to you the popular After school Enrichment Program serving the needs of Peninsula by providing structured, academic and enrichment based, high quality care for elementary school aged students….

Our Mission

We help children develop a lifelong love for learning and encourage and inspire each one to fulfill his/her potential. .Teachers abide by our strict in class safety policies to ensure a safe and an effective learning environment.….

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